Why Democrats are Lucky Hillary Lost

Hillary, Trump, and the 2016 Election

There is no doubt among Democrats that Trump was the worst selection for president since this nation was founded.

Yet, despite her superior suitability Hillary would have been far worse, for liberals and Democrats.

A President Hillary would have gotten almost nothing done. If Democrats thought President Obama had a tough time with an obstructionist Republican Congress, it would have looked like a picnic compared with President Hillary’s battles with a similar Republican Congress as led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Every day we’d be hearing about: Benghazi! The e-mail server! Or other skullduggery invented by Fox/Breitbart, much of which would have spilled over to mainstream news.

The impeachment resolutions would have been relentless and endless. Every week, every month. Gleefully broadcast on Fox, Hannity, Limbaugh, et al.

You could add the realizable TrumpTV to that mix, the network Trump was reputedly interested in creating had he lost the election. I have a hunch its “news” programming — run by Kellyanne Conway? — would have been completely dissociated from facts. In other words, more Pizzagate-type fabrications.

Hillary’s Executive Orders? Sorry, the Republican Congress would likely have voted against funding any of them.

What about Supreme Court nominations, you ask? Well, if Mitch McConnell could block Merrick Garland for nine months, he assuredly could have blocked Hillary’s nominee for four years. Perhaps McConnell would’ve declared that no nominee can be recognized by a president who is under the threat of impeachment. That McConnell is a clever guy. I bet he sleeps with the Senate rules under his pillow.

[UPDATE 6/30/18: Interestingly, some Democrats are currently arguing that Trump not be allowed to nominate a replacement for retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, while the president remains under criminal investigation.]

That argument also could have been used to obstruct Hillary’s appointments such as justices and public positions.

My guess is that voters of every stripe would have gotten weary of all these political shenanigans and would have turned off to politics, burying their noses deep into their smartphones and continuing with their Netflix binges, blissful in their obliviousness.

In that climate, Hillary’s record low approval numbers would have been no surprise, and the 2018 midterms likely would have turned out to be a no-show by the indifferent Democrat voters, with Republicans taking even more seats in the House along with a 60+ majority in the Senate, thanks to energized Republican voters. That setup would have bade badly for any Democrat running for president in 2020.

Couple that super-Republican Congress with a president like Mike Pence in 2020 and you have a truly depressing scenario, with Pence getting the opportunity to appoint possibly three Supreme Court justices during his likely two terms.

Interestingly, much of what Hillary might have faced is precisely what Trump has been dealing with: calls for impeachment, investigations, charges of obstruction, conflicts of interest, questions about being fit to serve, etc., on top of those low approval ratings.

Let’s leave that disturbing parallel universe conjecture and return to Earth One.

Yes, Trump and the Republicans are overwhelming the Democrats, the country, and the planet with what appear to be terrible, destructive policies. If you’re a Democrat, it seems like bad news every day, doesn’t it?

But better news could be on the way. No, forget the Mueller investigation, the 25th Amendment, and all those rumors that aren’t going to result with Trump being tossed out. Those are pipe dreams of the Left.

Instead, focus on reality. Like this graph:

Note the sharp uptick in 2018. However, it’s not a graph of the Dow. It depicts the rise of female (mostly Democrat) candidates for the House of Representatives.

Over five hundred (500) women are running for office in 2018. That doesn’t include local offices such as state legislatures.

Since President Trump’s election, more than 30,000 women have reached out about launching a campaign.

The mid-terms are this Tuesday November 4, but there’s more you can do than simply vote. You can become a precinct captain — or even run for office yourself!

Here are some links to help you do just that:







Good luck to all of you!

From TIME magazine, Dec. 24, 2018:

“Before Trump came along, political organizers tied themselves in knots trying to get more women to run for office, usually to little avail. In 2018, thousands of women decided to seek election, explaining that they had been spurred off the sidelines by the President. First-time candidates from diverse backgrounds won Democratic primaries: former Republicans, former CIA operatives, former mixed-martial-arts fighters — all driven by what felt to them like a national political emergency.

“Millions more took political action on their behalf, protesting, canvassing, sending handwritten postcards to voters. The result is that a record 126 women will serve in the next Congress, nearly a quarter of the total — 84% of them Democrats. The new face of the Democratic Party is the face of Trump’s opposition: women, young people and people of color.

“This is the next generation of American politics, and it’s one Trump made.”

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