President-elect Joe Biden and ex-President Trump

Donald Trump is now the only American ever to lose the popular vote twice in a presidential election.

Because of suspected cheating, many Trump voters feel disenfranchised.

Now they know how Black voters have always felt.

Had Hillary won in 2016, right now we’d probably be looking at Mike Pence as president, and Republican supermajorities in the Senate and the House.

Trump may return to media bigly with TrumpTV: far-right, low accuracy, and conspiracy pseudoscience.

In other words, a cable version of QAnon.

Speaking of which — this is Q, aka James Watkins:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death leaves a void in many ways — in our hearts, in the nation’s psyche, and on the Supreme Court. The newly-empty Court seat is revealing the hypocrisy of Senate Republicans, as they behave in stark contrast to their obstruction of Merrick Garland’s SCOTUS nomination in 2016 — specifically, they claimed that seat could not be filled until after the election, which was still nine months away.

At that time, Senator Orrin Hatch filed an op-ed on behalf of the GOP, arguing in favor of delaying the hearings. I posted that opinion and injected my own (snarky) commentary. Their arguments resonate so loudly now that you may need ear plugs to read this.

“Don’t Make the Supreme Court Another Victim of This Year’s Toxic Presidential Campaign” by Senator Orrin Hatch

[With snarky commentary by Jeff Klein]

“Like many Americans, I mourn deeply the loss of Justice Antonin Scalia. [The surviving Supreme Court justices are also mourning; that’s why they’re all wearing black.] He was a giant of the law and a dear friend. [I hope you told him that when he was alive.] He transformed the trajectory of our nation’s highest court and helped scale back years of unbridled, unprincipled judicial activism by liberal justices intent on imposing their views on the American…

Part of the reason for the deadlock on the next COVID stimulus bill is the extra $600/wk that the Democrats want to include for people who are unemployed.

The Republicans maintain that those benefits would discourage workers from going back to their jobs. “People won’t work, if they can make more money staying home,” according to their logic.

So here’s a possible solution:

Give the unemployed that $600/week right up front — $10,000 in one shot, which is the equivalent of 4 months of $600/week payments. It would already be budgeted in.

This accomplishes three things:

(1) With one $10,000…

  1. Cleaner air (due to less air travel and fewer cars on the road).
  2. Cleaner water (see #1).
  3. More birds mating (reduced noise pollution = reduced interference with bird communication).
  4. Fewer insect pests (see #3; birds need their protein).
  5. No school shootings.
  6. A real appreciation for the people, places, and things that have been absent in our lives, and how sweet it will be when it can all be welcomed back.
  7. New James Bond film postponed.
  8. Trump lost.

by Jeff Klein

First, a disclaimer: I love Apple products. I’m using a Macbook Pro to type this blog.

However, I believe Apple’s days as an innovative company are over. I’ll explain why:

Let’s say you have a highly innovative company.

And let’s say the guy who made it all happen, le guru who led the company to greatness, is now gone.

And to further let’s-say, let’s say the accountants move in, and the shareholders start demanding blood.

What do you have?

You have Apple in the 1990s.

And it seems to be happening all over again.

However, there’s one…

Hillary, Trump, and the 2016 Election

There is no doubt among Democrats that Trump was the worst selection for president since this nation was founded.

Yet, despite her superior suitability Hillary would have been far worse, for liberals and Democrats.

A President Hillary would have gotten almost nothing done. If Democrats thought President Obama had a tough time with an obstructionist Republican Congress, it would have looked like a picnic compared with President Hillary’s battles with a similar Republican Congress as led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Daily Bombardment

Every day we’d be hearing about: Benghazi! The e-mail server! …

Jeffrey Klein

Clio Award-winning eLearning Producer and Sr. Technical Writer

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